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DEPARTMENT: Business Management

SUPERVISOR: Director of Business Management

JOB SUMMARY: Oversees all administrative aspects of assigned properties. Assures assigned properties are operated in accordance with the Landlord's goals and assures that both the Landlords and tenants at assigned properties are in complete compliance with respective lease agreements. Develops and maintains tenant relationships at assigned properties.

EMPLOYEES SUPERVISED: Business Management Assistant, Maintenance Technician(s)

Education: Bachelor's degree.
Experience: Minimum two years of project management, people management, creativity, and/or analytical reasoning.

Skills: Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing. Ability to manage people and projects, solve problems, manage time, sell, organize, and demonstrate strong computer skills. Able to demonstrate language, math and reasoning skills consistent with those in similar level positions.

Requirements: 1. Receives and maintains the designation from ICSC of CSM.
                    2. Has a valid driver's license and reliable personal transportation means available. Regular domestic travel is required.

Work Environment: The work environment characteristics are consistent with those in similar professional offices. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Physical Demands: The physical demands are consistent with those of similar positions in other professional offices. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. Serves the needs of Regency to assure that assigned properties are operated in accordance with the goals and desires of our Landlords.
2. Assures that each tenant at assigned properties abides by the covenants set forth in their tenant lease agreements, including but not limited to insurance requirements, all laws and regulations, etc.
3. Represents Landlord as needed in all legal matters, i.e., lawsuits, etc. at assigned properties.
4. Maintains tenant and community relations in the best interest of Regency and Landlord at assigned properties. Initiates and maintains positive tenant relationships and reviews with tenant their progress, attitude towards property, etc.
5. Interprets leases and enforces any rules, regulations, statutes, etc. that relate to Landlords or tenants.
6. Approves all activities that take place on common area as well as monitoring the approved operation of the tenant at assigned properties.
7. Reviews and approves new tenant leases and provides analysis of any tenant/lease that is rejected.
8. Keeps up with trends or changes in the market that affect assigned properties, including but not limited to laws and regulations that would affect the value of the center assessments, etc. Must be aware of the following:
      a. Defined market area for properties.
      b. Road systems serving the properties.
      c. Market rents at properties and how properties fit the market.
      d. Market competition.
      e. Demographics of area that serves properties.
      f. Dynamics of local economy.
      g. Tenant mix of properties.
      h. Potential growth and direction of properties.
      i. Current tenant sales volumes and traffic counts at properties.
      j. Current trends in community, i.e. new residential areas, businesses, etc.
9. At assigned properties, monitors and informs Director of Business Management and the Leasing Agent of tenants' current status when necessary.
      a. Problems with defaulted tenants.
      b. Probable vacates at term expiration.
      c. Premature vacates.
      d. Probable nonrenewable tenants and prospective new tenants.
      e. Opportunities to enhance the lease with a tenant.
10. Along with Business Management Assistant, assures daily operations of the properties are properly performed particularly within the Landlord rules and regulations and in compliance with all lease provisions.
11. Assures that assigned properties are in clean, safe and functional condition at all times in alignment with the goals and image of Regency and/or the Landlord.
12. Performs periodic inspections at assigned properties. Has a functional knowledge of the ongoing repairs and maintenance at assigned properties.
13. Has general knowledge of site plans of assigned properties that detail locations of electric, water and gas shutoffs, clean-out traps, fire hydrants, riser rooms, etc.
14. Prepares the annual operating budget for assigned properties, as well as the capital budget. Perform expected cost analysis on major replacement assets.
15. Assures that all operating costs are kept within budget each year and obtains approval from Director of Business Management and Landlords if such costs are to exceed such budget.
16. At assigned properties on a monthly basis, reviews budgets and operating costs and prepares management reports, including but not limited to the executive and asset summaries prepared for asset meetings, and reviews the reports with Director of Business Management and/or Landlord as requested or may be required under the management agreement. Prepares property reports for property management meetings.
17. Reviews monthly aging reports for non-collected monies from tenants at assigned properties with Director of Business Management and Business Management Assistant and takes appropriate action where required.
18. Looks for new opportunities at assigned properties that would improve cash position of Landlord and formulates cost savings programs for respective property. For example, assures that all utility costs are controlled and that cost-saving measures are developed in each of the utility areas.
19. Manages Landlord construction projects, including renovation, whitebox and capital replacement. Monitors any other tenant construction that may occur. When necessary, obtains bids and awards contracts after appropriate approval is secured.
20. Approves all expenditures that are authorized for assigned properties and assures such work is performed to an acceptable level of quality expected by Regency and Landlord. Obtains prior approval from Director of Business Management and Landlord on any expenditure exceeding $5,000 or that is not budgeted.
21. Makes positive recommendations for changes that would benefit and improve our management processes.
22. Is active in the community, i.e., Chamber of Commerce, meeting city officials, grand opening of new businesses, etc.
23. Remains available for emergency phone calls after normal business hours.
24. Demonstrates and promotes the following company and individual core behaviors:
      a. Core Company Behaviors
          1) Leadership
          2) Cooperation
          3) Initiative
      b. Core Individual Behaviors:
          1) Communications
          2) Managing People
          3) Planning & Organization
This position requires strict confidentiality of information regarding the company and its clients. The above job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of duties and standards of the position. Employees will follow any other instructions, and perform any other duties, as assigned. In addition, all employees are required to comply fully with Regency's Employee Handbook

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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